Stories of Home

Ten years

Ten years ago today, Greg and I were joined by our closest friends and family in a beautiful wine country garden to marry. We had already been together seven years. We had already bought a house together. Our officiant, Ellen, suggested that in fact we were already “married.” The ceremony was a public acknowledgement of …

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In the midst of re-decorating our living room and having a hard time finding just the right sofa. Meanwhile, other decisions…for today a comparison of clear glass lamps. I like them because they are light and airy and contemporary, and they can outlast my fickle taste in colors.

Defining style

It’s time to replace the wooden blinds in our dining room and living room. The “Country Woods” look doesn’t support the style I’m trying to create. But what IS my style?? When I started to plan for the kitchen and started buying furniture, I had fixated on a Mediterranean villa look. I’ve since bought and …

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Window Treatments

The previous owners of our home were definitely into the “cottage” look for decor. We have been slowly minimizing that. I’m not sure what our “look” is, but I’m going to call it “Urban Villa.” That is, I like clean, contemporary lines mixed with the Italian/Mediterranean country villa feel. I’m not sure this will be …

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Moroccan Decor

Occasionally, I go on a short obsessive streak about all things Mediterranean — Moroccan, Tunisian, Lebanon, etc. I am interested in foods, decor, etc. The strange part is that, aside from southern Italy, I’ve never been in the area. Perhaps it’s the Moorish influence of my ancestry.

New bathroom

A year ago, we noticed some water damage in our master bathroom. Our trusted contractors investigated. They determined that the only way to truly understand the extent and cause of the problem was to tear out the huge iron tub. That, of course, would set off the chain reaction–tearing out tile, the floor, etc. And …

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