Healthy aging

We went to a lecture last night by a science journalist who has written a few books for Scientific America on brain health. There are many myths out there about the brain, and some interesting areas of research on the elements of healthy brains later in life. Here were my takeaways in terms of what …

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From sundown on Friday, March 1 to sundown on March 2 is National Day of Unplugging. This is how it’s described: Do you have multiple cell phones? Take your ipad to the beach on vacation? Ever find it hard to get through a conversation without posting an update to Facebook? Is your computer always on? …

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The new schedule

No chemo tomorrow. Instead, mom starts next Tuesday with a drug called Alimta. Apparently, it is quite well tolerated. She’ll take that once and then again three weeks later. Then we’ll see. Perhaps another CT scan?

A compelling image

I was struck by this image of children in PAKISTAN mourning for our lost children. The phrase  “v feel ur pain as u would feel our pain” is particularly poignant given the suffering that children in that country feel on a regular basis.    

Weighing In

My Facebook friends are likely sick of my gun control posts, so I’m turning here instead. The NRA today held their much-anticipated news conference, just one week after the slaughter of innocents in Connecticut (almost to the hour). Aside from the weird, paranoid, stream-of-consciousness rant (“..Add another hurricane, terrorist attack, or some other natural of …

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