Chemo Cycle 2, Day 1

We’ve returned from the first round of chemo in what is now Cycle 2. Again, it’s once a week and the schedule goes like this:

Week 1: carboplatin + gemzar
Week 2: repeat
Week 3: gemzar only
Week 4: break

Then we start on Cycle 3.

Mom held up well and is now taking a much-deserved nap. The doctor said her thyroid was totally whacked and that could have been a significant contributor to how crummy she’s been feeling, particularly the fatigue.

She weighs under 110 pounds now, and he doesn’t want her to lose any more weight. So I’ve loaded up the freezer with ice cream and I’m putting butter in everything. Calories are the name of the game. While she was in the infusion center I went out and bought her a few extra small t-shirts and little spring sweaters so she doesn’t look like she’s swimming in her clothes.

The good news is that mom has perked up a bit since starting the extra dose of thyroid medicine on Saturday. Her sense of humor is back. The doctor is very encouraged by the fact that her abdomen is not swollen (ascites) and her pain is manageable with Tylenol (vs. vicodein). He says those are extremely promising signs.

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