Contractor crews officially *finished*

I received word this morning that the contractor has completed my punch list and I’m fully ready to move back into the house! I did manage to get a little jump start last week with the sofa, a floor lamp, dining table and chairs, and a media stand being delivered. MA went up with me last week and helped me move the beds back. I debated with the other furniture that’s left…finding it still hard to let it go. So we tried the bookcase in mom’s bedroom. I instantly knew it wasn’t going to work. The old furniture is visually heavy for the new decor scheme. So we moved it back into the garage, where it awaits a pickup by Habitat for Humanity.

The interior of the house is completely transformed. My aunt and uncle came by to check it out and were surprised how “spacious” 900 square feet could look. Indeed without any clutter and with furniture that is visually lighter (on metal legs) it seems more open.

There are a few more items I want to purchase to finish it off. First, however, I have to undergo the task of culling through the boxes of “stuff” that await me in the garage. From there I will curate what goes into the house, and what will be donated.

At the end of the day last week, MA and I sat on the new sofa and just soaked in the feeling of the space. It feels very serene and calm. It felt like what I’m trying to achieve—a calm retreat.

Pictures will be coming soon.

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