Furniture Dupes—Extendable Dining Table

There is a trend on Pinterest that features “dupes” for make-up—colors of lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, etc., at less expensive stores like Target that look nearly identical to the more expensive brands at department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. It’s an interesting exercise and argument for shopping around.

For the last few months I have been trying to figure out what to do about a small kitchen table. The newly remodeled kitchen looks great, so I want to make sure if I put something there it will look nice yet take up a small footprint. But I’d like something expandable that I could conceivably put alongside the dining table for possible larger dinner parties. My kitchen designer, on the other hand, would prefer that I not have any table there.

It’s right by a window, and my mom loved to sit there in the morning with her coffee. And, frankly, I do, too. I also often set up my laptop in there so I can work and have a view of the neighborhood. Also, whenever I do have people over it seems I never have enough counter space to stage things. So having a table there is often a lifesaver in terms of having a place to put trays, plates, etc.

I came across this lovely one at EQ3 for $499. Not bad. I love that, fully closed, it has a very narrow footprint, but when expanded on both sides can seat up to six. I also like the little drawer, which could be nice to keep rolled up placemats. It also comes in oak.

Hallie Folding Table, EQ3, $499
Norden Table, IKEA, $199
Norden Table, IKEA, $199


This weekend I came across the Norden table at IKEA, for 40% the cost, but nearly identical. And this one has three drawers. At IKEA it comes in white and solid birch. Despite how much other design blogs gush over IKEA, I am not wild about all the particleboard. So when I come across something that is solid wood, it’s a pleasant surprise. Nonetheless, the birch one may be too “country” and not quite contemporary enough.


Meanwhile, EQ3 also has this lovely 28″ square table that expands in a pretty ingenious way. Fully open it’s 55″ x 28″. I like the metal legs and it has a light feeling to it.

T&T Dinette, EQ3, $399

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