Good news

We are at the infusion center, the slow drips feeding into my mom’s body to fight the cancer. The results of the lab tests from last week were good; her tumor markers have decreased in the last two months. Basically it means the drugs are working.

The doctor adjusted her thyroid medicine a little again. Apparently, her thyroid was sky-high, which contributed to her extreme fatigue a few weeks ago. It usually takes a few adjustments and constant monitoring. Her primary care doctor had dropped the ball on monitoring her, so this has probably been going on for a while.

Also, mom will start receiving Aranesp, a drug to help with anemia. Hopefully that will keep her from needing another blood transfusion.

Mom still gets tired easily but at least it’s from activity. She visits the garden throughout the day. She did her laundry yesterday. She takes out the garbage. The daily chores of life. She’s still unhappy that she needs a gardener and housekeeper for the heavier work. But I still see these little tasks of daily living a success.

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