Holding steady, and small triumphs

Mom continues to hold her own. While she still complains of the fatigue, she has made enormous progress since a couple weeks ago. This morning she joined me in the garden as I planted four tomato plants. She directed me on where to put them, how to prepare the soil, etc. That was a significant triumph.

She is still running on low power, but has managed to shuffle back and forth. Just a little while ago, she walked to the end of the driveway to bring in the compost bin and she stopped to sit on the short wall and chat with the neighbor. He brought in the bin and put it in the backyard, but my mom was prepared to do it herself.

So we enjoy these little triumphs and moments.

Here are some pictures from her garden.

2 thoughts on “Holding steady, and small triumphs”

  1. Very happy to hear the positive news. We are thinking about both of you and sending good energy and prayers.

  2. Em,

    Give your mom my best. I am praying for her and St. Peregrine for intercession.

    I cannot help but be reminded of my Father-in-laws struggle with treatment and hospitals in Canada.

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