Mom was brought to her home by ambulance today. She knew it and you could see in her eyes she recognized her home of 40 years.

It took a bit to get her into the tiny 900 square foot cottage with narrow doors and tight corners, but between the EMTs and Greg we figured it out using a stretcher instead of a gurney.

The hospice nurse and social worker were here for four hours. Amazing attention to detail.

My mom was heavily sedated for the ride home, and all the movement took a lot out of her. She has not opened her eyes or spoken since she was set up in her room.

Her sharp wit were in evidence to her last words. This morning I swabbed her mouth with lidocaine, then I asked “how’s your mouth?” And she replied, “big mouth.”

Later when I asked if there was anything she needed she said, “I need money.”

And when I introduced the two young strapping EMTs as the boys who would take her home, she said, “All that?”

My circle of family-friends has been extraordinary and deserving of another post. That will come later.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just checking in and wanted to say thank you for your time and energy into keeping us updated as I know how hectic life can be for you right now. Just TRY and stay positive and know we are here to pray and support in any way you need. I will be off this weekend, so if you would like something or need something whether it be a home cooked meal or anything let us know, you are never too far for me!

    Give lots of kisses to my Tia, I think about her all day! xo

  2. Thanks Debby. Know that you have a special place in her heart, and she often told stories of when you stayed here as a child. I am surrounded by love and in this time of preparing for loss God has shown me the riches I have.

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