Mom is finally home, feeling feisty. I spoke to her on the phone and her voice was strong. It will feel good for her to sleep in her own bed without the commotion of nurses coming and going all night. They were working to get her weight up, feeding her three milkshakes a day — a vanilla one between breakfast and lunch, a strawberry one between lunch and dinner, and a chocolate one for the bedtime snack.

Her next appointment with the oncologist is on Monday afternoon.

While she was in the hospital her oncologist prescribed a sort of lollipop painkiller that seems to work really well for her. He said he would send her home with a prescription, but he did not see her today before she was discharged. SHe asked her primary care physician about it, and he’d never heard of such a thing. DUH.

A quick Google search tells me it’s basically fentanyl, the same narcotic that comes in the patch. But this acts much faster and is specifically approved for patients with cancer.

So now we hope that there won’t be a repeat episode, and that things will settle down and we can get back to the business of fighting cancer.

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