Mother’s Day

We had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. G. and I went to her house on Saturday evening after a day of wine tasting in Sonoma. She had already received the flowers I’d ordered — a much bigger arrangement than I’d thought. On Sunday I gave her other gifts–a new set of bed coverlet and pillow shams to brighten her bedroom.

Overall, her energy level seems to be improving. She was able to help me with dinner — shelling peas and fava beans, peeling potatoes, etc. And she went with me to the garden a few times. We watched a silly movie (Nacho Libre, with Jack Black) on Saturday night, and it was good to see/hear her laugh.

I can often tell how she’s feeling by how much she jokes, even sarcastically. She seemed to be in good spirits, even though she still tires very easily and looks extremely frail.

This is another “week off” chemo. Cycle Three starts next week. Her oncologist’s appointment is this Wednesday. She still complains of something bothering her abdomen. But when pressed, she admits it’s not new and it’s not worsening.

Last week she was mentioning how her hands were trembling. It’s been happening for a while (over a year), and a previous primary care MD said it may be related to her thyroid. I’m hoping her thyroid levels are getting back within normal range now that her oncologist adjusted her medication. But I’ve also read it could be a vitamin B12 problem. Considering her lack of calories/nutrition, this would not surprise me. Add it to the list of stuff to talk with the doc.

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