Napa Cottage Update

For the last few weeks I’ve been in that uncomfortable limbo—the space between my mom’s home of 40+ years and my weekend getaway. For the last few weeks, the house has stood empty, mostly a construction zone. The garage is packed with everything I haven’t yet given away. In my mind’s eye I can see what it will look like when it’s done, hopefully by the end of August. But now, it’s just a “site,” as the contractor and kitchen design team referred to the home of my upbringing.

I am again blessed, so far, with an excellent contractor who is attentive to details and highly responsive.

This week they took the template for the kitchen counters. Next week the floors go in.

counters: Caesarstone "pebble"
counters: Caesarstone “pebble”
flooring: strand bamboo in “java”


kitchen in current state
kitchen in current state
kitchen before
kitchen before


What I find interesting is just how *cluttered* a space can look in an image. I am struck by images on Houzz and other sites and how pristine they look, as though no one actually lives in them. It will be an interesting experiment to see just how “Zen” I can make the space. It will take real discipline to edit things down to the essentials. When I’m ready to move back in from the garage, everything will be carefully scrutinized once again.  Each wave of purging gets a little harder. I have to discern between wanting to keep the house peaceful and clutter-free vs. keeping those items that acknowledge the home’s history and my mom.


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