New bathroom

A year ago, we noticed some water damage in our master bathroom. Our trusted contractors investigated. They determined that the only way to truly understand the extent and cause of the problem was to tear out the huge iron tub. That, of course, would set off the chain reaction–tearing out tile, the floor, etc. And so we were faced with the opportunity of remodeling the master bathroom. The original bathroom was fine, if a little to “cottage” for my tastes.

The repairs were extensive (lots and lots of water damage on the floor), and included some exterior work on the house. Gotta love the rain.

Anyway, here is the end result:

we removed the tub and now have a huge shower; limestone floor in seagrass
Toto toilet; milk glass door allows light to filter into the hallway
espresso stained cabinets; Caesarstone counter in buttermilk
super tall rain shower head to accommodate super tall husband; little "stand" for propping leg during shaving

3 thoughts on “New bathroom”

  1. I only now finally saw the finished product! Looks great, love the seagrass limestone we picked out. Where did you get the cabinet from?

  2. Hey, Susan! Thanks. I like it, too. I love, love the heated floor! The cabinet is from Timeless Kitchens.

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