Progress report

Mom seems to be recovering nicely, and there is talk of her going home tomorrow if she can hold down regular food. She has been off painkillers and nausea medicine, always a good sign. Her neighbors returned yesterday from a two-month cross-country RV trip and called me when they saw she was not there. It will be good to have them back in the neighborhood and checking in, in addition to her other friend and neighbor down the street who drops by every couple days or so. Her neighbor on the other side, who usually calls in the morning and the evening, started her own breast cancer journey this week.

While it’s been a challenge to negotiate time in Napa with my responsibilities here in SF, it has been an enormous relief to have my mother’s network of friends and family nearby to call or check in with her. It was a significant consideration when we debated whether she would receive care at UCSF vs. locally in Napa. I think overall we made the right choice as her quality of life and comfort is much greater at home.

I had a relaxing day yesterday, taking the day off work. I joked with my client that if I can take other birthdays off — presidents, MLK, Jesus Christ — then surely I can take my own. I had an amazing 90-minute massage with a bodywork specialist. Last night G and I went to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, La Ciccia, for a quiet dinner. I often try to visit the beach on my birthday but this time I was caught up in puttering around the house, and that’s OK.

So now we take another collective deep breath.

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