The Big Flummox

I have to say that I scratch my head when people “take a year off” or plan big travel trips when they’re laid off work. I’d be hyperventilating if I suddenly had no foreseeable source of income. I came across a food blog today and in the description of the writer, she says:

….who moved to the Bay Area in late 2007 with my French husband and recently traded in a job in Public Relations to take photographs, cook, write and travel.

Well, how NICE for her.

Is this jealousy? Envy? YES!

But it’s also sheer stupefication and now people can actually pull this off. I guess I could probably do it with some serious adjustments to my lifestyle–turn in the nice car, drink cheaper wine, stay in more modest hotels, eat out less, quit the gym, stop buying cookbooks and kitchen gadgetry, fire the housekeeper?

For a couple years now I’ve seriously debated taking six months off to attend Tante Marie, a French cooking school in SF. That’s far less of a commitment than most, which are two year AA programs. It costs about $20,000. But I’m frozen in fear…six months of no income, plus the expense of school…then WHAT?


2 thoughts on “The Big Flummox”

  1. Her description is most likely not telling the whole story. She could be sitting on a huge pile of dough (sorry) and thus, can afford to basically “go play” but my bet is that she was probably laid-off and is telling herself that taking snapshots, cooking for herself & the hubby/family, writing on her blog, and traveling to the far edge of town will make her feel like she is doing something incredible.

    It might make her feel better but those activities sure don’t (or rarely) bringing in any $$ and for the Bay Area, she better be bringing in $$$$ UNLESS her French hubby or her nest egg is loaded.

    Besides, in this day it is fairly easy to appear to be doing well when in fact not be so I’d skip the jealousy feeling.

    I say end the debate and go for it. You have worked hard to get where you are, yes, but you did it and could easily do it again in 6 months and one day if you decide French cooking isn’t all that. Go on – you deserve it.

  2. Annie, you’re right. What I forget is how many people live on credit, whereas we live a cash-based lifestyle. But thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes you just need someone to give you permission to pursue your dreams.

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