The Important Question

Forget about the next White House pup. Who is going to be the next White House executive chef? This is more exciting than Top Chef or The Next Iron Chef!

A few names in the hat…Rick Bayless (a Chicago chef known for his Southwest cuisine, a favorite of the First Family-elect).

Other names, listed in a recent article in Washington City Paper, include Oprah Winfrey’s former personal chef Art Smith.

Or course, they could just keep Cristeta Comerford, the first female White House executive chef.

There is, of course, Jacques Pepin, who has previously cooked for two French presidents. This icon of American/French cookery is probably enjoying his TV and touring career in his later years.

Some people have mentioned Alice Waters, but I find that to be an extreme long shot. Despite being the “mother of California cuisine” and a driving force in the local, sustainable movement…she’d be considered too hippie for the role. The USDA would hate her. She would insist on an organic White House garden–how cool would that be? It would not be the first–Eleanor Roosevelt had one.

A lot of ideas out there…yours?

Late edition:

Former White House chef share some stories

Baltimore Sun

2 thoughts on “The Important Question”

  1. I don’t think he would pass the security clearance. Is he even a U.S. citizen?

    One little tidbit I learned in writing this article: Laura Bush is committed to organic foods. Go Laura!

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