The Pinprick of Light

There is a meditation I have followed in which the guide has me thinking of a tiny pinprick of light in the middle of my chest. As the meditation continues, the pinprick grows and light starts to fill the space around me, then the room, then all around as far as I can imagine. For me it’s a meditation on opening to the world, not to receive but to give.

I do sense a pinprick of light, but it’s light and warmth coming in. It’s a small opening. A receptivity to possibility, to what may be.

I have no expectations for any specific outcome or epiphany. But I am opening up to what comes across my field of view, open to exploring the things that pique my interest, fire my curiosity or intrigue me. I’ve already discovered so much in a short period of time.

In fact, the discoveries led to a re-design and a re-focus of this site. I know I am being obtuse. Perhaps as things reveal themselves with more clarity, I can be more clear myself.

For now, though, I’m happy to take in this light.

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