The roller coaster continues

I had to take mom to the emergency department early this morning. She has serious pain, suspected bowel obstruction. Again.

More when I know it.

Update @ 1:17 PM
We are still in the emergency dept., waiting for admission. It’s flu season, which means an open bed is hard to come by.

The oncologist came by while I was out, but I just spoke with the surgeon. Apparently the growing tumor is pressing against her colon, which has the same effect as a blockage as it kinks the colon.

There is talk of a colostomy, but we are going to wait through the weekend to see if the NG tube helps alleviate the distended abdomen and they will aggressively manage her pain.

Dilautid seems to be the narcotic of choice, and at the right dose it does wonders. Although it does make her oxygen level drop like a rock and she is knocked out cold.

We can make a decision next week, to balance the risk and benefit of such a procedure.

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