Window Treatments

The previous owners of our home were definitely into the “cottage” look for decor. We have been slowly minimizing that. I’m not sure what our “look” is, but I’m going to call it “Urban Villa.” That is, I like clean, contemporary lines mixed with the Italian/Mediterranean country villa feel. I’m not sure this will be successful but we’ll see. One of the big elements that we’ve needed to address were the white “country woods” blinds throughout the house. They worked perfectly well and we’d focused our energy (and $$) on other things like the kitchen. Well, now one of the fabric strips that holds the blinds together has disintegrated (sun exposure?) creating this askew look.

So it’s a perfect time to pick out new window treatments–at least in the living room and dining room.

We will likely go with a layered treatment: a roller solar shade (that you can see through) with silky or gauzy or linen to-the-floor drapes. What I don’t want are big heavy valances that weigh down the look. They always remind me of really heavy eyebrows.

Here are some images that serve as inspiration.

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