Wine country dreaming

Being able to claim Napa Valley as your home town has a sort of false cache. When I grew up there it was basically a country back water, and I couldn’t wait to get out and move to a big city. Now I’m here in SF and lo! I crave the peace and quiet of the country. My craving is particularly acute during the cold, foggy summer months here in SF.

After 12 years of living here I am still not used to the frigid summers and I long for lazy warm afternoons outside. I miss all the summer dresses and sandals I donated to charity a couple years after moving here.

I do still like living in the City. But I dream about having a getaway, somewhere I can re-charge on a long weekend (or a week, or a month). Get my solar panels energized, enjoy some relative solitude. I don’t necessarily want the big faux-Tuscan villa. In fact, my preference is for a smaller house but with acreage (say, two to five).

Hey, man, I can dream.

Wine country is not just Napa. In fact, Napa has become so crowded and full of itself that it may indeed not be the best option–aside from the high costs of property there.

There’s Sonoma (also pricey) and after a visit to Paso Robles, that area has piqued my interest. Here are some general “vision” images that I linger on when I’m wrapped in a blanket in August

dream view
no faux Italian villa

nestled in the trees

love the open architecture and clean lines
a deck off the bedroom
David Duncan Livingston photography
David Duncan Livingston photography
as long as we're fantasizing

I took this in Piemonte region of Italy

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