ode to screen doors

There are some sounds that snap me back to childhood summers. The music from a passing ice cream truck. The song we used to play over and over at the pool. The sound of a wooden screen door slamming against the frame. Screen doors, for you apartment-dwelling urbanites, are a feature of rural and suburban …

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ode to the front porch

It’s fashionable among urbanites to look upon the suburbs with disdain. Big city apologists snub their noses at two-car garages, lawns and expanses of empty sidewalks. They decry the necessity of cars and lack of public transportation. But there is one feature of the American suburbs that I love: the front porch. It’s more than …

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the values of home

When I initially meet with a real estate agent to explain what I’m looking for, s/he usually asks the expected questions — size of the home, general features, locations and, of course, budget. Two years ago I met with an agent in Portugal to talk about property and she asked a question that I have …

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