Weak Signals

In the discipline of “futures thinking” and planning, a weak signal is the first indicator of a change or an emerging issue that may become significant in the future.

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mobius ribbon

A Möbius Journey

Life is the continuous möbius loop between the inner and outer world, between our deepest sense of who we are and what we project to others.

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For those who are anxious about not having a clear path forward, consider these words from three wise ancestors — a mystic, a saint and a poet.

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Please Stand By

We need to stand by, while other people — physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, laboratory technicians and armies of other health care workers — try to sort out what’s going on.

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woman having tea

What to Remember

I know we are anxious to get out, to get on with our lives. But before we rush out like a bull out of his cage, let’s take a moment to consider what we want to remember of this time.

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