Breathing in the Bardo

There’s the big “B” Bardo — the gap between dying in this life and being reincarnated in the next life, according to Tibetan Buddhist text Bardo Tödöl. Then there is the small “b” bardo, those transition moments between one state and the next. The twilight of sleep. The minute when you “zone out” and stare …

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No Going Back

Standing on a threshold, I fight the temptation to go back. Back to where it’s comfortable. Back to familiarity. But the reality is this: there is no going back. Because “back” no longer exists. Things have shifted, changed, moved on. “Back” is different than it was. I am different than I was. “No man ever …

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luggage rolling


There are some events and experiences that reach well beyond the realm of standard conference fare. These ephemeral gatherings are often a mix of tangible and abstract, of linear and nonlinear. I was the executive producer of one such event recently. For five days, 600 people gathered to discuss the difficult and the beautiful, to …

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The Right Question

In training to be a journalist, the first lesson I learned was how to ask the right questions so you can get meaningful answers. Researchers also understand this. From the laboratory to the field, starting with a clear question is critical to reaching a useful answer. The other half of this equation is to create …

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Seeing What Emerges

The idea of being present, waiting for and witnessing what emerges has become a repetitive theme in the readings and conversations I have had lately. Start with one idea. Notice where it goes. Number each idea. Keep them short. Don’t worry if you hop around. Read and play with what emerges. It may take a …

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